Demo 2011

by Trust Fall

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released 18 August 2011



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Track Name: There are Ghosts in the Curtains
there are ghosts in the woods
they told me so
when I was just a kid
by dying firelight

to scare us from going too
far from their sight
but tonight the only ghosts ive found
are not dead yet

just lost what they used to be
and i can't prove that they are there

I've got questions
But I'm missing answers
its a joke
and i'm the punch-line

stuck shaking flashlights
at windows
in the middle of the night

they got it wrong
their eyes hide in my curtains
and flicker enough to catch my attention

to remind me
that there's something out to get me
but I can't understand why
They just disturb my sleep

I've got questions
But I'm missing answers
its a joke
and i'm the punch-line

I wont turn around despite my uneasy feeling
wont turn around just to see them smile
cause I know that they are out to get me
but I can't prove that they are there
I can't prove that they are there
I can't prove that they are there
Track Name: Bitter at Best
I've lost sight with nothing
To look forward to
Left my eyes in a jar
To gather dust atop the coffee
table for nine months at least
Just another jar in my collection

Cause I can't bear to see the end
of things
I've worked so hard to build
and Its easier to lose sight
than to rest my eyes on
I'm powerless to change

I feel tonight heavier on my chest
than the moisture in the air
that creeps deep into my lungs

Nothing left but to choke and drown
on these last few months
on these last few months

I'm left wanting and waiting
But with nothing to look forward to
I'll just here and rot
tend my open wounds

til someone
can find
my eyes and force them back into
the hollows left in my sunken face

and maybe waiting won't be in vain
and maybe its not all over yet
Track Name: Seventeen
You are not your own
Just a shadow
of some half remembered line
Ripped straight from the silver screen
Silence creeps up on a tailwind
with the worst of intentions
to carry you away without a god damn trace

I try so hard to be real
But I know it's coming for me too
I want to believe
When you grab my arm
And swear I won't be taken too
But then I turn around
And you're not there

We sing with our eyes turned inward
Just praying that our hearts
are in the right place
But we doubt as we scream
that we're facing the sun
And not chasing something
better left in the dark