Wormholes 2: Rise of the Street Worms

from by Trust Fall



something I never was is living in my bones
and sometimes in the dark I can hear it shifting
in shapes of gray beneath my eyes
but others I find myself locked in a home
where everything is labeled with
masking tape and black magic marker
I sit silent trapped by sinister specters mocking my body
bound in the same shape as it always was

I can’t see a room not covered in self-doubt
bury me bury me
a self imposed banishment of natural light

and all I want is to gnaw at my ribs
one at a time until I’m open enough

caustic air that demonstrates doubt and reserve
over what I thought would aid me
I sequester and keep my secrets to myself
and quietly bide my time waiting
so some ghost of myself
can crawl in and find some warmth


from Secret Keeper, released November 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Trust Fall Virginia Beach, Virginia

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