Ya Know Ya Hate to See That Happen

from by Trust Fall



I’ve felt change
I am floored I am the floor
and I feel the door sliding to complete the wall
and your dragging footsteps
moving a body with poor posture across my spine
but at least they’ve carried weight
I just bear it

these days I don’t think of much but I’ve realized
that maybe I’ve been acting on the wrong kind of sentimentality
but it’s hard to know for sure
so I’ll just lay here
and I ask myself the questions I did when I was four
I let my silence speak for itself
so I’ll just sit back
and move across the floor

am I convinced that everything I have
will leave or be taken away?
am I selfish enough to think
that they were mine to begin with?

I’ve felt change


from Secret Keeper, released November 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Trust Fall Virginia Beach, Virginia

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